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Poll Everywhere Ruby API Wrapper


Hey there. I just released the beginnings of a Ruby library for use with Poll Everywhere, an awesome service that will satisfy all of your polling needs. Stay tuned for more features.

What is Poll Everywhere?
Poll Everywhere is a premium real-time web-based polling service. Poll Everywhere is unique in that it allows users to submit poll responses via SMS, web, twitter, and blog widget— and will display the results on a chart updated in real time. If you are looking for a full-featured polling service, check out Poll Everywhere. For more information about the Poll Everywhere API, check out their API details.

This is a Ruby library that wraps the Poll Everywhere RESTful API. Each Poll is represented by a Ruby object of type PollEverywhere::Poll and includes some convenient methods for interfacing with your Poll Everywhere account. Requires a PollEverywhere Account. Visit for more information. Stay tuned for more features coming soon!

Installation in three easy steps
  1. Open the poll_everywhere.rb file, and make sure that the CONFIG_FILE_URL points to your config file. By default. the config file is called: “#{RAILS_ROOT}/config/poll_everywhere.yml”
  2. Make sure the poll_everywhere.rb file is loaded into your application. If your application is a Rails app, just put it in your /lib directory
  3. Edit the poll_everywhere.yml file to contain your Poll Everywhere account credentials.
Sample usage
Here is a sample of some of the features provided in this release:

  • Requests all polls in the user’s account. Subsequent calls to Poll.all() look in a cached copy. Use Poll.refresh() to reload the cache. Returns an array of Poll objects.

  • Returns an array of matching Polls from the user’s account

  • Find a Poll by the permalink value

  • Records a response for a given Poll"keyword")

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